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5 Big Decisions in a Kitchen Remodel

April 14, 2022

With so many finish options available today it is easy to get overwhelmed and stall out on your kitchen remodel before you even get started. But it isn’t as mind-boggling as you may think. Here are a few easy guideline suggestions to get you started.

Cabinets: With custom designed and built cabinets you can have everything you want to pay for. So the only two questions that remain are painted or stained and contemporary or traditional. That is it! Work with a good designer to create the door front and inserts that you like and sit back and enjoy them after install.

Counter Top: Granite, Quartz, Quartzite or Marble. Those are your most obvious choices. The best way to determine which one is for you is to look at the care and maintaince required for each. Because there are so many colors and patterns for each type of stone and this is one of the most expensive selections, you will spend some time on this one. That is why it is easiest to narrow by care first.

Backsplash: This might be the easiest selection you will make. Tile is really the only normal choice and there are only so many sizes that will work. Ask your designer to find some great options to match your other finishes.

Appliances: This is an easy one. Determine the features you can’t live without and find the brand that has them for the best price. If you are a “brand snob”, then shop several stores to find the best price.

Flooring: This is another time consuming selection. The easiest way to do it quickly is determine wood or tile first. If you are going with wood it is all a matter of color. If tile is your choice, ask your designer to find you some samples that work. There are thousands of tile options available. Use your designer to do the leg work.