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5 Ways to Upgrade How Your Bathroom Looks in 2024

Design trends fluctuate because that is the very nature of a trend – any systemic movement or change in a general direction.

As professional designers and builders, we aim to help clients embrace a bathroom renovation that aligns with the current “trends” but prioritizes timeless fixtures and finishes that won’t be outdated in five, ten, or even 20 years.

Bathroom Renovations That Remain Timelessly Trendy

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation in 2024, our team has suggestions for the project that balance what will look good now and stand the test of time.  Before we begin, let’s talk about the difference between renovations and remodels. They are related, but not the same thing.

A renovation is virtually a complete “re-do” of a space. We may tear out everything but the structural perimeter – and may rip that out, too, if the project includes additions or expansions. It’s a complete do-over that transforms an outdated bathroom (or kitchen) into the present and future. That is different from a remodel, where we may tear a bit out, but it’s more about replacing fixtures and finishes to suit the client’s style.

The recommendations we’re talking about here fall firmly into the bathroom renovation category as we’re focusing on bigger-picture changes that you’ll appreciate for years – or decades – to come.

1. Design a Wet Room

Forget about the shower vs. bath or shower/bath combo dilemma. Instead, we recommend designing a wet room where the bath and shower live together, but with each having its own space. So, rather than the shower being inside the bath (as with the standard shower/bath combo), it is in a separate portion of the enclosed shower space.

This is in alignment with the ancient traditions of Roman, Greek, Turkish, and Japanese bathhouses (talk about timeless!). As for the bathers, it’s an extra special experience soaking in a hot bath without the steam escaping as it does when the bath is in the main bathroom space. It’s a double pleasure, to be sure.

2. Add the Steam Shower Feature

We’re going to stick with the luxurious bath and shower features for a minute. Saunas are all the rage these days, especially as we learn more about the health benefits and anti-aging properties associated with those who sauna regularly. One simple way to gain all of those benefits is to make your shower a steam shower.

It’s a very simple addition to any shower space, and you’ll never regret it. Not only does it create a spa-like atmosphere when used alone or with your favorite aromatherapy oils, but it’s also a family miracle worker during cold and allergy seasons.

3. Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are another timeless element of decor as they are nostalgic in nature. We appreciate their versatility, which allows them to add variations in style. For example, geometric patterns are currently trending, but when created with subway tiles, they become relevant regardless of whether geometric patterns are in or out. Capitalize on timeless over-trend by creating the partner in a monochromatic color theme.

Textured subway tiles are another way to gain both texture and pattern in your bathroom update without going so bold that your selection will be dated in a handful of years.

4. Natural Stone (And Other Elements)

Mother Nature never goes out of style, so you can’t go wrong selecting natural elements to add contrast, texture, and appeal to the bathroom. Marble and other natural stones easily integrate into luxury bathroom spaces and have done so for thousands of years. The more gentle use of bathrooms (compared with kitchens) makes them the ideal space to enjoy the softer, more porous stone options such as marble or limestone, which fare less well in busy kitchen spaces.

We’ll also help you identify other natural elements that would enhance the space and appeal to your senses, like wood, clay, ceramics, or plant-inspired finishes.

5. Lines, Waves, and Curves

Bathrooms demand waterproofing, and that entails more hard than soft surfaces. Balance that by integrating wavy and curvy elements. This also helps to blend masculine and feminine aesthetics.

Besides, curved shapes are more relaxing and soothing to the eye, which makes sense if you’re goal is to create a luxurious, spa-like bathroom experience where you can unwind at the end of a tough day.

Details Construction Group Excels at Bathroom Renovations That Balance Time and Trends

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In addition to being the company owner and a contractor, Flora is insightful and guides clients to personalized selections that yield stunning bathrooms to stand the test of time. Let’s start planning the design for your future bathroom oasis.