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How Can I Increase My Kitchen Storage?

Homeowners are amazed at the difference it makes when we customize their kitchen storage spaces. By re-envisioning how you utilize your kitchen and eliminating dead space, we can both open up and “increase” kitchen storage in surprising ways.

Pro Tips to Increase Storage Space in Your Kitchen Remodel

Here’s the best thing of all – sometimes, we’re able to eliminate kitchen cabinet boxes while adding more storage and making a smaller kitchen feel bigger.

1. Increase general kitchen efficiency

Everyone uses their kitchen differently. For some, the kitchen is more of a coffee station in the morning and a food reheating station at night, with occasional “from scratch” meals thrown in. For others, the kitchen is the true hub of the household, working full-throttle for three meals a day, homework club, and social gatherings. All of this is taken into account when planning a kitchen remodel.

Evaluating how you use your kitchen throughout the week and taking seasonal events or holidays into consideration shapes how you think about your kitchen layout, flow, and storage spaces.

2. Eliminate unnecessary space hogs

Some kitchens have boxy soffits that meet the cabinet uppers, often used to hide ducts or electrical work. We remove these if we can, opening up more space to the ceiling. In addition to increasing visual space, this also increases storage space for lesser-used items or seasonal decor.

Other ways to eliminate space hogs are:

  • Pre-design decluttering. This is the time to go through every cabinet and drawer and get rid of the things you don’t use. Most decluttering experts use two tenets to determine whether something stays or goes: has it been used in the past year or two, and does it bring you joy? Take those into consideration to determine what can be let go to reclaim valuable kitchen storage space.
  • Redesigning unused cabinet space. Once you’ve decluttered and returned things to their rightful spaces, you’ll have a good idea about whether or not you’re utilizing all the available cabinet space. In most cases, both cabinets and drawers have lots of wasted air space. This tells us we can gain valuable extra storage with custom cabinet/drawer designs.
  • Swap cabinets for shelves. We’ll point out where we feel open shelving makes more sense than standard cabinet boxes. This adds a feeling of spaciousness in the kitchen while providing accessible storage for the items you use most. Open shelving also allows space for hanging storage when that makes sense, making the walls more efficient and allowing us to eliminate more cabinet boxes or drawers.

3. Increase storage efficiency with customization

As we mentioned above, any air space in a cabinet or drawer is wasted space. These days, we have so many storage tricks up our sleeves to customize kitchen spaces and make every square inch count.

This may mean implementing storage elements like:

  • Multiple pull/slide-out drawers in a single cabinet box.
  • Customized storage for pots, pans, cookware, utensils, etc.
  • Making corner cabinets efficient with a lazy Susan.
  • Installing hanging racks for pots, pans, and cooking utensils.
  • Using magnetic strips to store kitchen knives on empty wall space (when safe to do so – this is not the best option for a kid-friendly kitchen design).

When we customize each square inch of kitchen storage, clients gain more storage in less space.

4. Consider a kitchen island (or peninsula)

Again, this depends on the size of the kitchen. However, even a small kitchen island can optimize kitchen workspace and storage at the same time.

We’ll evaluate existing space to determine:

  • Are there layout changes that make sense and would allow us to add an island or peninsula? If so, it’s almost always a benefit because they increase kitchen functionality.
  • Would a small rolling island make sense? By building an island on casters, you aren’t committed to giving up that floor space. Use the island when you need it and roll it to another location when you don’t. It’s a win-win for clients with smaller kitchens.
  • Would extending a section of the kitchen counter to add a peninsula improve things? If so, you automatically gain storage space as well as an expanded area for kitchen prep, eat-in seating, entertaining, and socializing.

Kitchen islands and peninsulas are highly desirable. If there’s room, we recommend adding them to the design, which also increases resale value down the road.

Let Details Construction Group Work Kitchen Storage Space Magic

The professional designers at Details Construction Group love to make magic by increasing kitchen storage space and efficiency. Contact us to schedule a design consultation, and we’ll show you what we can do to transform your kitchen.