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3 Ways To Remodel the Interior of Your Home

Kitchens and bathrooms receive most of the glory when it comes to top home remodels. For example, we often hear, “The kitchen is the heart of the home,” but that’s not always the case—especially for families who rarely cook. Similarly, a deluxe spa bathroom remodel is a waste of money if you don’t take long baths or steam showers.

Your family may have different living space priorities, and we’re here to help you decide on home remodel goals that honor your lifestyle.

Pro Home Remodel Tip: Prioritize the Spaces You Use Most

Our design-build team prioritizes function over form at the start of any project (the aesthetics fall into place afterward), and this same tenet takes priority when considering the best use of your home remodeling budget.

1. What’s On Your Current Home Update Wish List?

Start making a list of the spaces or features you wish were different, updated, or in better alignment with how you use the home. Sometimes, rather than individual rooms, clients opt to:

  • Update flooring. Widespread flooring replacement works wonders on a home that’s looking a little worse for wear. Our clients use this opportunity to take advantage of contemporary materials that are more durable and easier to maintain than existing options – for example, “hardwood” tile planks, vinyl planks, tiles that replicate natural stone, or lower-profile kid and pet-friendly carpet in the family room or bedrooms.
  • Bring the electrical/lighting design into the 21st century. Today’s homes require far different electrical/lighting designs than they did 20 or more years ago. Maybe it’s time to refresh the fixtures, install home automation, add attractive task and ambient light sources, and ensure the electrical system meets the loads required by contemporary appliance, screen, and gadget life.
  • Countertop and surface refreshes. The return of mid-century modern design trends led to more homeowners interested in keeping original vintage fixtures – like colorful tubs and sinks. However, the countertops may be the weak link, especially if they still boast 1960s and 70s formica. We can do a refresh, rather than a remodel, in kitchens and baths, preserving your budget for other areas of the home.
  • Redesign the entertainment area(s). If you have a galley kitchen, odds are it’s not the heart of the home, but your dining and family room are. In this case, we’ll look at ways to redesign these prime-time entertainment spaces to look amazing while making it easier and more comfortable to dine in, hang out, and entertain.
  • Create a home office space or homework station. We can evaluate the best space in the home to add a custom home office or homework station. Combining dedicated workspaces and customized storage means extra efficiency and less clutter elsewhere in the house.

2. Rethink the Laundry Room/Mud Room

Florida leads the nation in terms of indoor/outdoor lifestyle. So, instead of “just a laundry room,” we can talk about ways to make it one of the most organized and functional in the house by:

  • Expanding the laundry room into a mudroom or a transitional indoor/outdoor space.
  • Adding built-in and fold-down features to optimize the room’s function, like pet stations, ironing boards, a sorting and folding station, mud tubs, drying racks, cubbies for the kids’ gear, customized storage, crafting spaces, etc.
  • Add a patio or slider door to bring in light and make it the go-to entryway for kids and adults after gardening, playing outside, or swimming/being in the hot tub.

3. Take the Home Remodeling Outside

Instead of a kitchen remodel, your family may be far more hungry for an outdoor kitchen addition. We can transform the patio/grill areas, making them into the ultimate dining and hangout oasis.

Once your professionally designed outdoor kitchen, eating areas, and lounge spaces are complete, you’ll find the family spends more time outdoors and together than inside on their screens.

Details Construction Group Takes Home Remodels Beyond Kitchens & Baths

Yes, kitchens and bathrooms seem to hog the spotlight, but they’re just two of many home remodeling options available to you. Schedule a design consultation with Details Construction Group, and let’s envision how we can customize the areas in your home that matter most to your family and lifestyle.