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Help! My Bathroom Feels Too Small!

Is your small bathroom feeling downright claustrophobic? Then, it’s time to design a bathroom renovation that opens things up.

5 Ways to Make a Bathroom Feel Bigger

A bathroom renovation works wonders for small bathroom spaces. The first step is getting in touch with a local design-build firm with a reputation for creating stunning bathrooms.

Sometimes, we physically increase a bathroom footprint; other times, we optimize bathroom fixtures and features to make the space feel more expansive with designer tricks that tease the gaze.

Here are some ways we use bathroom remodeling to expand a cramped bathroom space.

1. Find Creative Structural Changes That Add Square Footage

One of the first essential elements to consider is whether we can structurally increase square footage. While building an addition may be possible, you’d be amazed at what we can do when we take a creative look at the existing structure and how we might rework the layout. For example, we may be able to add more space to the bathroom in question by taking away from some of the space on the other side of a wall, especially if it’s a pantry, clothes closet, or storage closet.

If your bathroom has interior soffits, we’ll do our best to eliminate those, opening up more space above. Empty nesters may find that one of the “fledgling’s” bedrooms can be made a bit smaller without any impact on a grown child while making a significant contribution to the small bathroom space!

2. Explore More Efficient Layouts

If we can’t add more square footage, we’ll think about how to make the current space more efficient. Sometimes, a bathroom layout is more about the original developer’s or contractor’s convenience than yours. We may find that changes in the layout make more sense while creating a bathroom that feels more spacious.

3. Increase Natural Daylight

Lightening and brightening a space always makes it feel more expansive. Therefore, we’ll want to look at ways we can increase daylighting. This may be adding or enlarging a window. Or, we might determine adding a skylight or solar tube is the best means of adding natural light during the day without compromising wall space or privacy.

4. Re-envision Vanities & Storage

Optimizing bathroom storage means adding visual square footage to a space. Whenever we can delete a boxy element – like the soffits mentioned above – or an outdated cupboard-style vanity – we open up visual square footage. We’ll do what we can to re-envision bathroom storage and the vanity design to open up as much space as possible inside the room.

This may include custom recessed niches in the walls alongside the countertops or in the bathroom/shower spaces. Recessed spaces increase accessible storage while opening up visual space. A vanity with open shelving rather than cabinets also creates the impression of a larger bathroom. Finally, our local artisan connections can customize bathroom vanity and shelving for increased luxury and spacious esthetics.

5. Clever Tile and Flooring Choices

Some of our design recommendations involve the actual creation of space. However, others rely on how the eyes perceive things. That’s where clever tile and flooring choices can make all the difference in a bathroom renovation. Smart color and pattern selections direct the eyes’ movement, which can make a bathroom feel longer, wider, or taller than it is.

The right balance of pattern and texture adds interest, but too much creates a “cluttered” impression that shrinks small bathroom spaces. Tile layout also matters when making a smaller bathroom seem larger.

Maximize a Bathroom Space With Details Construction Group

Are you ready to design a luxurious bathroom renovation that adds space as well as style? Schedule a consultation with Details Construction Group. Our team of Orlando-based renovation experts are excited to help you realize your dream bathroom remodel.