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Tile and Flooring Updates That Can Transform Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom look more like a blast from a somewhat dilapidated past than a contemporary showpiece? Then, it’s time to think about taking steps to move things forward a few decades.

Time For a Bathroom Update? Start With the Flooring

Whether you’re already fully committed to a full-scale bathroom renovation or considering starting small because of timing, needs, or budget. Starting from the bottom up isn’t a bad place to start at all, we can give your bathroom an instant update in step-by-step increments – starting with the bathroom floor.

Step One: Transform the Floor

Most people mistakenly think a floor should be laid last, but that’s not the case. While bathroom layouts can be reconfigured, they rarely are. The average homeowner keeps the current bathroom layout, meaning an updated floor provides a fresh foundation.

Cabinets and countertops can follow later when time or budget allows. Some of the benefits of starting with the bathroom floor include:

  • Getting rid of water-damaged sub-flooring/underlayment and any latent mold or mildew growth, which continues to rot or affect adjacent room walls and floors.
  • Creating a fresh, more hygienic bathroom foundation for future bathroom updates (if you replace cabinets with rot underneath, you put your new investment at risk).
  • Taking advantage of a bathroom’s smaller footprint and investing in luxury tiles or top-line porcelain “wood” planks that create a timeless aesthetic for future remodeling additions.
  • Increasing bathroom safety in homes where tiles or flooring lack non-slip benefits.
  • Providing a happy medium with neutral, high-end flooring while allowing new buyers to add their touches to cabinets and countertops.

You’ll be amazed at how a fresh bathroom floor can elevate your bathroom’s appearance.

Step Two: Replacing the Shower Tiles

As long as we’re at it, you may also want to replace the shower tiles. With vintage and retro styles making their way into the forefront, we have clients who prefer to preserve original sinks and tubs but desperately need to replace damaged or unappealing tile surrounds.

We can show you a range of both vintage-inspired and contemporary tile options that complement your favorite existing bathroom features, yielding a bathroom renovation that honors the old but brings your bathroom into the contemporary era.

Designer Tip: Don’t forget the door! Removing an old shower door and replacing it with a decorative shower curtain might make sense for now but if you have a door you’ll want to update it as well. This allows the new tile floor to shine without a view of tired shower/bath tiles.

Step Three: Replace Cabinets if Necessary

Bathroom cabinets aren’t always as dated as flooring, tiles, and other bathroom fixtures and features. Also, many of the older cabinets we find boast exceptional materials and craftsmanship.

If that’s the case in your bathroom, you may find repainting the cabinets and replacing hardware makes more financial sense. The combination of new bathroom flooring and shower tiles, along with updated (rather than replaced) cabinets, leaves more of the budget available for other areas of the bathroom or for desired kitchen updates.

Designer Tip: Talk to your bathroom remodeling expert about custom cabinet organization. You can feel like you have a whole new bathroom by just upgrading the cabinet and drawer interiors to optimize storage space and usage.

Make The Right Bathroom Flooring Choice With DCG

Details Construction Group (DCG) is known for providing quality construction with outstanding customer care. We’d love to show you how tile and flooring updates can transform your bathroom space. Contact us to begin discussing your ideas for a bathroom update that wows!