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Essential Elements to Consider When Planning Your Master Bathroom Renovation

The goal of any master bathroom renovation is to create a space that is as beautiful and relaxing as it is functional. And you want it to remain that way for at least 20 years or more.

Designing A Gorgeous & Timeless Master Bathroom Renovation

Here are some essential elements to consider when planning your master bathroom renovation.

1. Structural Changes or Additions

Your design team is invaluable when re-envisioning a bathroom space in terms of how it might be structurally changed or added onto. Structural design considerations are the best place to start because until we know what goes where – there’s no point in making cabinet, counter, or plumbing selections.

Together, we’ll think about things like:

  • How often do you use your bathroom now, and whether some of those times are shared with others?
  • Current frustrations or things you wish were different.
  • The things you’ve always wanted.

You may learn that changing the bathroom layout flow or bumping a bathroom wall into rarely used or extra yard/living space can completely transform the master bath design.

2. How Long Do You Plan To Live There?

Another foundational consideration when planning any significant home renovation is “How long do you plan to live there?” If you know you’ll relocate or downsize when the kids move out, the final bathroom design may look different than if you plan to age in place.

In the former example, you can plan with a shorter-term view; if you want to age in place, this is an excellent time to consider stylish, accessible bathroom features that keep you safe regardless of age-related changes.

3. Cabinets and Vanities

Cabinets and vanities are the showstoppers of most bathroom remodels. They take up the most visual space and allow you to show off your design style. Cabinets/vanities are also the bathroom “workstation,” so the design should never compromise how you use the space.

Things to consider for bathroom cabinets and vanities include:

Going Beyond Traditional, Transitional, Or Contemporary

Yes, knowing your preferred design style is essential. But at Details Construction Group, we like to look beyond that to other aspects of your history, preferences, or interests that can be brought to the table. Our creative team of builders and artisans can make or repurpose a bathroom cabinet or vanity that’s unique to you without sacrificing function.

Are you an avid sailor? Let’s build that into the design. Did you grow up on a family farm? Maybe reclaimed barn lumber is just the thing to add nostalgia to the mix – while still projecting a contemporary appeal.

Thinking About the Bathroom Workstation

People spend hours thinking about their workflow and workstations when designing a kitchen remodel, but the bathroom workstation is just as important.

Do you have little ones who keep you company as you prepare for work and school? Do you and your partner tend to get ready for bed simultaneously? If so, cabinet and vanity layouts/orientations should reflect that.

What Do You Store (Or Wish You Could Store) There?

Efficient interior cabinet design is essential to the design. Customizing bathroom storage may allow us to minimize cabinet size. This allows more room for the large soaking tub or steam shower you’ve always dreamed of.

Finally, we recommend using neutral finishes for bathroom cabinets and bringing color into the design via other accents that are more easily swapped out as trends come and go.

4. Now, For The Countertops, Tile & Flooring

Now that you’ve designed the cabinets and vanity, it’s time to think about countertops, tile, and flooring.

Countertops & Shower Tiles

Bathrooms are the ideal location to add luxurious surfaces, like marble. While its soft, porous nature isn’t always an ideal choice for busy kitchens, bathrooms are a perfect application.

If marble is out of your budget, we recommend looking at granite or quartz options, both of which are durable and come in many colors and patterns. Porcelain tiles are also a budget-friendly option that accurately mimics the look of luxury stone and wood options with non-slip benefits.

Bathroom Flooring

Safety is a top consideration when choosing bathroom flooring. We recommend going with plank-style tiles that mimic the look of natural stone or wood but are offered in slip-resistant options – ideal for your bathroom and shower floors. Once you’ve decided on the right flooring for the space, we can discuss color and pattern options.

Faucets & Plumbing Fixtures

Here’s another area where you can add a splash of style or pizazz. There are so many creative plumbing fixtures and faucets to choose from. Your designer can walk you through options that create a spa-like look and feel (rain showers and massage shower heads, for example) while adding personal style.

Again, those planning for accessibility should focus on things like detachable handheld shower heads mounted on slide bars to accommodate standing or seated showers. Similarly, lever- and bar-shaped cabinet handles and drawer pulls are easy to use without requiring much grip.

Plan a Dream Master Bathroom Renovation With The Pros

The better you plan for your master bathroom renovation, the more streamlined the build-out will be.

The team at Details Construction Group works carefully to plan remodels that wow our clients and stand the test of time. Contact us to begin moving forward with the essential elements to consider when planning your master bathroom renovation.