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3 Ways Your Kitchen Remodel Can Add Value To Your Home

There are several ways a fresh kitchen remodel adds value to homes. First, there is the invaluable pleasure gained by a kitchen design personalized to your household’s workflow, needs, and style.

However, kitchen remodels continue to be the single most effective way to increase the resale value of your home, and there is unquantifiable value that goes beyond that.

Add Value to Your Home By Updating The Kitchen

Here are three ways updating your kitchen design adds value and longevity to your home.

1. Future Resale Value

According to recent data analysis, moderate kitchen remodels in Central Florida can recoup as much as 53.8% of their costs. And while we never advocate designing a kitchen entirely based on resale potential, we do talk to customers about their ultimate plans for their homes.

If there’s a good chance you’ll sell your house in the next ten years or less, we’ll talk about how to keep the layout, workflow, and general features personalized – while selecting colors and finishes that are neutral. This makes high-end kitchens look more appealing to future buyers because they can imagine themselves there.

2. It Brings It Into the Current Era

While some clients have to remodel their kitchens due to fire, storm, or other types of damage, most remodeling kitchens do so because their kitchen is outdated – and they want to make it more relevant.

As a 2017 Houzz study cited, 43% of people were remodeling because they could “no longer stand their old kitchen,” and 40% wanted to update their kitchens for a long time but needed to save the funds to do so. Remodeling your kitchen allows you to bring the kitchen into the contemporary era.

And beyond enhancing the look of an outdated kitchen, a remodel adds value by:

  • Reconfiguring cabinets and drawers with more efficient organization features.
  • Designing a layout and workflow that accommodates the needs of a busy household and family.
  • Adding appliances that are far more energy efficient and offer smart technological benefits.
  • Including small home office spaces, homework nooks, pet-friendly feeding areas, and charging stations – which came into being predominantly at the beginning of the 21st century.
  • Optimal lighting designs that were rarely available in the past, including ambient and safety lighting via invisible, dimmable light strips.

These and other contemporary features increase the overall value of a kitchen for homeowners, occupants, and guests.

3. Optimizing Kitchen Function For Years Into the Future

The less often you have to change, alter, or remodel a kitchen, the more money you save over the lifetime of your home. As contractors who provide design and build services, we can help you hold a long-view and “timeless” vision as we bring your new kitchen plans to fruition.

We mentioned considering neutral or less personalized features to attract future buyers in #1. And that’s especially true for higher-dollar kitchen features and finishes – like cabinets, countertops, and flooring. However, we also advocate designing a kitchen that serves your family well now and into the future.

By considering safety and accessibility, we can ensure your kitchen is a comfortable workspace today, tomorrow, and into your golden years. Accessible kitchens aren’t just for seniors. A comfortable, safe design with plenty of room to maneuver means everyone feels at home in your kitchen – regardless of size or physical ability.

5 Kitchen Upgrades That Add the Most Value

Keeping optimizing home value in mind, here are the upgrades that add the most value and ROI to a kitchen.

  1. A kitchen island. You don’t need much space to make a kitchen island work. Once we’ve optimized storage space and minimized the number of cabinet boxes you need, odds are you’ll have room to add a kitchen island, which adds more workspace, storage space, and a comfortable seating or eat-in area. We can also talk about custom options built on wheels so you can move it around as needed.
  2. Updated cabinets. If you aren’t interested in replacing your cabinets, you may only need to refinish or repaint them to bring them back to life. Replacing outdated cabinet door handles and drawer pulls also goes a long way to giving repurposed cabinets a facelift.
  3. Replacing countertops. While natural stone countertops are fan favorites, many clients intentionally bypass them for manufactured options – like Quartz – because they look just like marble or granite without the risk of fissure cracks, chips, or the need for regular sealing.
  4. New Appliances. Not only do outdated appliances stand out like a sore thumb, but they are also hugely inefficient. Today’s homeowners want contemporary appliances – with stainless steel remaining the most popular choice. If you can afford smart options, even better.
  5. Multipurpose work zones. It’s no surprise that post-pandemic remodels include far more multipurpose workstations than kitchens of the past. Incorporating a small, office-like station that also serves as a charging station or a place for kids to do homework is a valuable addition.

Details Construction: Building Kitchen Remodels That Add Lifetime Value

Details Construction Group is intentional about creating kitchen designs that add lifetime value to our client’s homes. Schedule a consultation to begin discussing the plans you have for your upcoming kitchen remodel.