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When Money.com released its annual Top 50 Places to Live in the United States, Oviedo was ranked #43 and the only Florida city to make the latest listing. Only a short commute to downtown Orlando, the rural suburban community is located in Seminole County at the junction of Florida Hwy 434 and Hwy 417 along the southern banks of Lake Jesup. Although Oviedo has experienced an influx of newcomers over the past decade, the city of 38,000 residents has maintained the look and feel of a small town. A family-oriented community; it is well known for its population of wild chickens that roam its downtown. Moreover, “I Brake for Oviedo Chickens” is one of the most popular bumper stickers seen in the area. With a low crime rate and above-average public schools, Oviedo is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. The nice blend of ethnic groups, ages, and income levels have contributed to the area’s growth as a strong community and a fun place to live. Where Orlando’s overall economy is tourism-heavy, local emphasis on high-tech skills has allowed the Oviedo area to survive better than most during the recent pandemic.

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With a median age in the mid-30s, Oviedo is not a retirement community. In fact, its natural beauty, economic opportunities, and friendly neighbors are reasons why the area is getting praise from national publications. Oviedo’s location, the quality of its schools, its beautiful parks, and stable property values provide residents an opportunity to live and work within a hour's drive of major attractions and events.

What really makes Oviedo stand out from other similarly sized Central Florida communities is its healthy housing market. Stable home values make this up-and-coming city a perfect investment for a young professional and those planning to grow family. Moreover, for anyone interested in living where diversity is valued, the Oviedo economy is expected to remain very strong in coming years. Within the downtown area, the majority of homes have at least three bedrooms and almost three-quarters of households own their homes.

Details Construction Group – City of Oviedo

Although a majority of the homes in this area are relatively new, there are still numerous opportunities for people to invest in an Oviedo remodel or whole house restoration. In addition, your investment in remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, adding an outdoor kitchen or patio, or bonus room build-out has great potential for returning dividends due to the expected surge in Oviedo home values. When you choose Details Construction Group as your builder, we believe your project should reflect your style as well as meet your growing needs for comfortable living spaces. Visit our Design Gallery for ideas on innovative home projects, such as:

  • Bedroom Renovations - Homeowners who are not ready to move but have run out of space have the most to gain from having Details CG complete Oviedo bathroom renovations. Whether you need another bedroom for a growing family or a large sunroom for entertaining, our design team takes great pride in providing original solutions backed by the highest quality of work and craftsmanship. Moreover, our semi-detached additions can add resale value as a functional guest house.
  • Kitchen Remodeling - An Oviedo kitchen remodeling project can be as simple as a space-saving cosmetic change to a major kitchen redo. Naturally, we can drastically modify the appearance with installing a new backsplash, flooring, cabinets, countertops, or lighting. However, if you need more space, we can open up a wall, raise a ceiling, or create a brand-new area for entertaining, including an enclosed outdoor dining area.
  • Bathroom Remodeling - Have your bathroom space needs changed? Most families simply make do when they first purchase a home but, as your family grows, you may need additional space and facilities for young children. On the other hand, if you are aging in place, you may want to add assistive safety features or a walk-in tub. Either way with a little planning, Details CG can help you re-invent your space with an Oviedo bathroom remodeling.
  • Outdoor Kitchen Installation - Adding an outdoor kitchen and dining area with good functional design has become a “Go To” option for increasing the common area of your home. Our design team understands that you want a low-maintenance addition designed to withstand exposure to the elements as well as cooking and entertaining areas that can handle the flow of traffic. In Central Florida, you can add heaters to your Oviedo outdoor kitchen for year-round use.
  • Pool Decks & Patio Construction - At Details Construction Group, we believe your pool, outdoor grill, and firepit should be an extension of your home. On hot summer days, a built-in shady spot with slip-resistant surfaces can provide a special spot to hang out around your pool or outdoor kitchen area. A mix of native landscaping elements and hardscapes can work seamlessly with the natural contours and details of your home, yard, and property.

Whole House Restorations and Renovations

Details Construction Group’s whole house restorations restore a home to its original structure, whereas an Orlando home renovation is a renewing process of fixing what is already present and adding new functionality. Oviedo whole house restorations are typically cheaper than an Oviedo kitchen or bathroom remodeling with room expansion. If you are not sure whether an Oviedo whole house restoration, renovation, or remodeling is right for you, our experienced team of building professionals can help you determine which option is the best way to go based on your budget and needs. Renovations and restorations can transform the look and feel of your home and either can require a bathroom or kitchen remodeling as part of the planning process. Moreover, if someone has special needs, our team is experienced in providing mobility, accessibility, and safety. Although our whole house restoration does not change the basic layout of your home, it does involve fixing structural defects, such as upgrading to new plumbing or electrical standards.


At Details Construction Group, our design and remodeling professionals will provide you with creative ideas and recommendations that fit your needs, style, and budget. Restoring and renovating your home often requires skill sets that not all Orlando remodelers have. Now that you understand the difference, let our design/build teams help you determine which route is right for you. Our Oviedo remodeling specialists are ready to deliver anything from a simple kitchen makeover to a whole house restoration. With today’s busy lifestyles, most home owners sell a home at least once. So, it is important to consider that you are remodeling or renovating your home for you as well as for potential future buyers. Call us today at 407-221-7406 to learn more about giving your home a makeover via a well-planned Oviedo remodeling project.