Bedroom Remodeling in Orlando

While Details Construction Group is known for beautiful kitchen and bathroom remodels, we've also renovated many bedrooms to create special areas for homeowners. Whether your current bedrooms are large or small, our design team can help you turn any vision into a reality. In fact, the bedroom is one of the least expensive areas to remodel that also produces a sensible return on your investment. Your bedroom makeover can include a variety of features to include:

  • Additional Bedroom Space - Many homeowners look to change the layout of their home when the kids move out. Depending upon your floor plan, we may be able to remove a wall or construct a room addition to increase an existing space. Plus, the design we help you create will allow your new bedroom to feel like a natural part of your original home.
  • New Doors and Windows - Updating your bedroom doors and windows can open up the space to other areas of your home, or to an outdoor area complete with a poolside patio, screened porch or sunroom.  Installing more energy-efficient exterior widows and doors may also qualify as a tax-deductible expense.
  • Custom Lighting - The perfect lighting for your bedroom retreat can add function and beauty. Accent lighting can pull a bedroom remodel together while ambient lighting can create a more relaxed environment. In addition, we can design and install specialty task lighting for your bedroom office, media area or game room.   
  • Flooring Options - Some homeowners prefer a plush carpet but hardwood, laminate and tile floorings have become popular choices in recent years. Our design team can help you identify the perfect balance of beauty, durability and comfort for a guest bedroom, kid's bedroom or your master suite.
  • Bedroom Wall Finish - Are you going for a relaxing, motivating or striking ambience? Both the color and texture of your bedroom walls can have a huge impact on the way a bedroom looks as well as how it feels to you or your guests. Let Details Construction Group convert your private space into an ultimate retreat.

Whether you are looking to sell or planning to stay for years to come, you can benefit from upgrading your bedroom to optimize the use of space. Details Construction Group can convert your out-of-date bedrooms into aesthetically pleasing and rejuvenating areas. Since the cost to remodel a bedroom can vary greatly based upon the size, style and age of your home, give us a call or use this website's convenient email form to get an accurate quote.