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What Remodeling Projects Help Sell Homes Quickly?

There’s a reason why today’s sellers are increasing the amount of home remodel work they put into their home before listing it. According to a recent article on Fortune.com, nearly 70% of homebuyers want turnkey homes and are not interested in investing time or money into fixing things up.

While you should absolutely tackle any DIY home improvements that interest you (curb appeal matters), some of the home renovations that have been proven to yield the most significant ROI should be left to the professionals.

Smart Home Remodeling Is the Key To a Quick Home Sale

Here are some of the home remodeling projects we recommend considering to get the highest price for your soon-to-be-sold home, based on the statistics from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) data from 2022.

Revamp the kitchen

When done right, a complete kitchen renovation provides an impressive 75% to 80% return on your investment – paying attention to what today’s buyers want. This includes things like (NAR):

  • Spacious kitchens (more than 50% of respondents said they’re willing to sacrifice home office or dining room spaces for larger kitchens).
  • Quartz or engineered stone countertops.
  • Energy Star appliances.
  • Unique kitchen islands.
  • Lighting control systems.
  • Room for a table or built-in eating area.
  • Optimized kitchen storage.

Because you’ll be designing a kitchen for a buyer you haven’t met, this should all be planned with a neutral and timeless foundation in mind. That allows you to design a luxurious kitchen that can be personalized by the buyers once they move in via more easily changeable decor and features. Working with the right remodeling team optimizes ROI while increasing total home value.

Bathroom updates or remodels

Depending on the age of your home, it may also be worth it to update or remodel outdated bathrooms. And, the excellent news for you is that bathroom remodels also pack a powerful ROI punch of 71%.

One of the things NAR surveys show is that homeowners increasingly seek out homes where they can age in place. So, it’s no surprise that homeowners prefer having at least one full bathroom on the ground floor. That way, while their primary bedroom may be on the second floor, they can relocate downstairs if/when accessibility becomes more important. And, of course, a full bathroom downstairs also provides a comfortable option for guests who come to visit.

Some of the most desirable bathroom features include:

  • Kid-friendly features (which also contribute to accessibility).
  • A spa shower with steam features.
  • Optimized storage features whether that means a custom vanity or a vanity plus built-ins.
  • New toilet (bidet-style toilets are a hit).
  • Classic tile choices.
  • A lighting plan that can adapt from task lighting by day to ambiance or relaxation by night.

Working with a local, experienced design-build team is the best way to ensure these higher-dollar remodel projects are expertly completed, compelling prospects to expedite their offers.

Other Top Home Remodel Suggestions For Quick Resale

Some of the other most desired home features buyers are looking for in a turnkey home include:

  • A laundry/mud room to accommodate busy families and indoor/outdoor lifestyles.
  • Upgraded flooring.
  • Well-designed outdoor living spaces.
  • Finished basements.
  • Energy-efficient upgrades.

Keep in mind that the price per square foot for home remodeling projects decreases as the project’s scope increases. So, if you want to improve more than just a single room, get comprehensive home remodeling estimates to get the best prices.

Details Construction Group Remodels Help Orlando Homes Sell Faster

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