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Highly Rated on Google

Kitchen and Bath: 2 Primary Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Various factors go into a home’s value. Some of those, like location or the real estate market, have nothing to do with you.

However, when it comes to what buyers are looking for,  luxury kitchen and bathroom features are at the top of the list – and both are entirely within your control.

Use Kitchen & Bath Remodeling to Boost Your Home’s Value

A recent post on Nerd Wallet cited five key ways to boost home value, four of which involved features associated with kitchen and bathroom updates. In addition to purchasing turnkey homes with updated exteriors and interiors, today’s homebuyers want:

  • Larger rooms.
  • Smart spaces that integrate with their lifestyle.
  • Energy/resource efficiency.
  • Low-maintenance benefits.

When homeowners remodel their homes, starting with the kitchen and bathroom spaces, they accomplish all these and more.

Valuable Kitchen Remodeling Decisions

According to Forbes, kitchen remodels have the potential to earn the most money back on your initial investment when compared with ROIs for other expensive home projects.

The key here is working with expert kitchen remodelers who can help you:

  • Rethink the size and layout of the kitchen space, making the room look and feel as spacious as possible.
  • Create a timeless, neutral color/feature foundation that appeals to homebuyers of all different design tastes.
  • Integrate energy-efficient and smart features that attract both millennials and empty-nesters.
  • Select top-quality finishes that stand the test of time, including those that replicate natural elements but are far easier to maintain (quartz, engineered hardwood or tile planks, etc.).

When you balance functionality with aesthetics you gain a gorgeous, universally appealing kitchen remodel for a very reasonable investment – a significant amount of which is returned via resale.

Use the Same Tenets to Update Your Bathrooms

Many of the same tenets apply to updating your bathrooms, which are also on the Forbes list for high ROI home projects. Plus, when you work with a design-build team on a kitchen remodel, you’ll often get better pricing for doing the bathroom around the same time.

In the bathroom, we try to:

  • Find creative ways to make a small bathroom feel bigger, and you may be able to add more square footage more easily than you think.
  • Add kid-friendly elements (which have the bonus of making the bathroom more accessible to all).
  • Create a spa-like atmosphere so the bathroom becomes a sanctuary at the end of busy days or on the weekends.
  • Focus on fixtures and finishes that are easy to maintain so homeowners have more time to do what they love.

Leverage Your Budget With Additional Home Remodel Projects

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling inherently means repainting, selecting new flooring, and updating fixtures, features, trim, and decor. So, while you’re at it, this is a great time to get a bid – or some professional insight – on other home remodeling projects you’ve dreamed about.

Instead of waiting for a future date, you may find that combining these improvements into a single, larger renovation project stretches your budget further than completing each small project independently.

Details Construction Group Can Help You Envision Your Home in a New Light

Are you interested in increasing your home’s value by remodeling your kitchen or updating your bathrooms? Schedule a consultation with Details Construction Group.

We combine decades of professional design and construction experience so clients have a single point of contact as they create the high-end home plans they’ve been dreaming about. Let’s get started on yours!