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Is it Time for the Garden Tub to be Replaced With Something Different?

A garden tub is a luxurious bathroom addition – when there’s space for it and you use it. When neither of those things is true for you, it may be time for something different.

Never make assumptions or auto-pilot inclusions when you’re designing a bathroom renovation. Now’s the time to think big, outside the box (as they say), envisioning a bathroom space that comprehensively delivers satisfaction for today, and beyond.

Celebrate Bathroom Renovation Features You’ll Actually Use

One of the most important questions for any renovation – bathroom, kitchen, or otherwise – is “How do you use the space on a daily or weekly basis?”

Anything that takes up space but isn’t used more than very occasionally isn’t typically worth the energy required to clean and maintain it. And, in a smaller bathroom, one item may be taking up valuable square footage that could be used for something else you’d benefit from more often.

If you soak in that garden tub at least once per week, then by all means, it should be the crown jewel. Otherwise, let the tub serve as an example of something that sounded great (or was already there) but no longer serves you.

Here are some tips on designing a full bathroom renovation that includes features you and your family will use regularly – and for the long term.

1. Re-Imagine the Space

If you aren’t a visual person, don’t have experience with remodels, or have lived in your home for a while, it’s hard to reimagine a different layout or way of doing things. Our brains like routine and we don’t always use our imaginative powers to their fullest when reinventing how a room can be used.

When you work with a professional design-build team, we can look at the room as if it’s a clean slate. Then, the more we get to know you and hear about your daily routine, the more details we’ll glean about how a few layout changes, expansions (if possible), or a bit of re-configuring can make the room more functional and enjoyable than ever.

  • Perhaps removing an unused tub would free up space for a new sink location with better lighting and a better view.
  • Would re-configuring the space provide a nook large enough for you to finally have that sit-down vanity you’ve always longed for?
  • Is there unused wall or corner space that could be outfitted for extra storage space (see #3)?

A fresh approach is exactly what’s needed when you’re ready to overhaul a bathroom through a luxury-remodeling lens.

2. Take a Multi-Generational Approach

A renovation is a big deal, and it requires long-term thinking. You want to improve this space now, but the enhancements should last for at least another 15 to 20 years if not more. Sure, you’ll make cosmetic changes along the way, but the project’s “bones” must be designed to last.

Taking a multi-generational approach means you:

  • Think about the 10-and-under crowd. The good news is that many of the same features that support aging in place with style also work when designing a kid-friendly space.
  • Consider features that look beautiful and are considered “accessible” so your bathroom is safe for you as you age in place. By integrating accessible bathroom features now, you can do so stylishly and proportionally, forgoing the need for a forced remodel down the road. For example, if you love that garden tub and plan to age in place, walk-in tubs are a smart option to ensure soak time continues indefinitely.
  • Even if you’re not planning to stay in the house for that long, accessible bathroom features will increase your home’s value for prospective buyers.

Also, picture how tiles and surface finishes can provide multiple benefits, from making a smaller bathroom feel bigger to bringing textures and patterns into an otherwise “smooth” scene so they create a timeless effect.

3. Create a bathroom Oasis

With the innovation of today’s textiles, it’s easier than ever to design a bathroom remodel that becomes your daily oasis.  This includes features like:

  • Steam showers. These in-home sauna upgrades provide a remarkable way to unwind and relax, along with proven health benefits.
  • Lighting Design (& Increased) Daylight. Bathroom lighting designs include beneficial lighting for tasks along with ambient options. And never underestimate the appeal of natural light whenever possible. If you can’t add additional window space, we can talk about solar tubes or skylights that provide beautiful natural sunlight into the space without sacrificing privacy.
  • Plants & Artwork. Even a single plant or two looks so beautiful in a bathroom space, adding a touch of vibrant green or seasonal color. Similarly, hanging art in the bathroom shifts the aesthetic from utilitarian to spa-like.

Re-Envision Your Bathroom With Details Construction Group

Details Construction Group excels at helping clients see their living spaces in a whole new (and improved!) way. If you’re preparing for a full bathroom renovation, you deserve to work with a team that can guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime transformation.

Schedule a consultation with us today! We’ll work with what you have (including the garden tub), while also helping you see all that is possible for a luxury bathroom you’ll relish for years to come.