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I Hate My Kitchen Layout! Where Do I Start With Remodeling?

If you hate your kitchen layout, remodeling is a must. A dysfunctional layout affects kitchen efficiency, sociability, and visual appeal. Plus, nobody deserves to work in a kitchen they can’t stand.

A kitchen remodel involving a new layout is part of a thorough kitchen renovation, and it deserves an expert’s eye and some big-picture vision.

Need a New Layout? Meeting With Kitchen Design-Build Pros is the First Step.

As tempting as it is to pour over online images and pick the kitchen layout you want, meeting with a kitchen design-build team is the first step. You benefit from our expert eye in determining what’s possible when it comes to things like current structural supports, plumbing and electrical options, and the possibility of expanding or rearranging adjacent spaces to achieve your goals.

Identify Clear Needs (Along With the Wish List)

Function always comes before form when taking a big-picture and long-term approach to a new kitchen design. When you make changes as big as transforming the layout—which typically affects plumbing, electrical work, and wall spaces—you want to ensure the results are timeless and will serve your household for many years (at least 20 or more) to come.

Similarly, if you plan on selling your home in the next ten years, your remodel should balance the household’s current and immediate future goals with features that optimize resale value and your ROI.

In addition to familiarizing ourselves with the current kitchen space, we also want to know:

  • Who uses the kitchen, and how many people are in it on a daily/weekly basis?
  • The ages of those who spend time there the most as well as the ages of your most frequent guests (friends, neighbors, aging family members, slumber party attendees, etc.).
  • The types of meals you cook (Do you reheat more than you make from scratch? Do you bake more than you cook? Are you avid grillers more than stovetop or oven-based cooks?).
  • How often do you entertain? What’s the average size of your guest list?
  • Is the kitchen used for more than cooking and socializing (coffee and morning time, homework, intermittent home office, pet feeding station, etc.)

The more we know about how your kitchen is used daily – and any extracurricular kitchen needs – the more insightful we can be about potential layout or feature changes to enhance its function.

What Bothers You Most About Your Kitchen?

So, we know you’re unhappy about the layout, but what else bothers you about the kitchen?

  • Is it too small? Sometimes, an apartment or condominium may not have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to expanding the kitchen space, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty we can do to make it look and feel bigger. If you have a home, there’s a good chance we can find creative ways to expand the kitchen’s footprint; even a few extra feet here and there can make a tremendous difference in how a small kitchen functions.
  • Do you need more storage? Our clients are amazed at the difference it makes when we optimize cabinet storage space. Most homeowners have an abundance of wasted air space in cabinets and drawers. Once we’ve addressed that, using innovative organization features, we may be able to remove unnecessary boxes or swap cabinets for open shelving – both of which also increase usable kitchen square footage.
  • Are you working in the glare of overhead fluorescents? If so, ouch! Did you know integrated lighting plans are among the most current kitchen remodel trends? In addition to being unattractive and glaring, old-school overhead fluorescents are a sign it’s time to update the lighting design to integrate a combination of attractive task, ambient, and safety lighting.
  • Do you feel left out or isolated from the rest of the household? Galley kitchens can be a blessing and a curse. If you opt to retain the current galley kitchen space, we’ll explore creative ways to open it up to the adjacent dining or family room area for more visual continuity and connection.

These are a small example of the frustrations we hear about from our kitchen remodeling clients. Start making your list, and we’ll work together to tackle them one by one.

Design a Kitchen Remodel That Honors Function, Style, and Budget

Once we’ve learned more about you, your household, and your lifestyle, we’ll go way beyond layout to create a kitchen remodel that optimizes the kitchen’s function while balancing where we allocate the holistic budget in terms of time, effort, details, and financial investment. You’ll learn why we’re considered masters when it comes to balancing looks and functionality.

Don’t spend another minute in a kitchen layout you hate. Schedule a design consultation with Details Construction Group. We can’t wait to show you pictures of the kitchens we’ve “healed” with our comprehensive and big-picture vision, along with our artistic attention to detail and craftsmanship.