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How Custom Cabinets Can Optimize Your Kitchen Space

Custom cabinets make a tremendous difference in older or not-designed-by-you kitchen spaces.

While most people focus on cabinet exteriors (understandably!), our design team takes a function-first approach to our kitchen remodels – knowing beautiful, one-of-a-kind finishes are guaranteed.

3 Ways Custom Cabinets Transform a Kitchen Space

Cabinet boxes take up quite a bit of kitchen square footage and air space. Anything we do to minimize the number of cabinets you need works wonders when it comes to expanding usable kitchen space. And that’s just the start of how customizing kitchen cabinets and storage spaces optimizes your kitchen space.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, do not underestimate the power of re-envisioning your cabinets – their function, layout, and interior design.

Here are some of the differences expertly designed cabinets have in a kitchen.

1. Make Your Kitchen Bigger

When our clients bemoan their lack of space or storage, we do look for ways to bump out a wall or add on to a small kitchen. However, that’s not always possible and we always want to give you the most. So, from there, we begin examining how your household uses the kitchen and whether changes in layout would improve kitchen flow and function.

Then, we start by reviewing how to customize the cabinets to hold more, increase kitchen efficiency, and eliminate the need for so many full cabinet spaces. Removing even a single cabinet box from a kitchen can change what’s possible for the space as a whole, allowing room for things like:

  • A well-designed peninsula or island (which continues to be a top kitchen trend).
  • Open shelving increases visual airspace, making the kitchen look and feel bigger and more open.
  • A pantry, double-oven, wine cooler, small bar, coffee station, shelves for your stand-mixer, and other baking equipment (see #3).
  • A dine-in kitchen nook.
  • Other features or ideas relevant to your household’s needs.

2. Increase Workflow & Efficiency

When we work with clients, we consider ourselves partners. And, as with any partner relationship, we want to get to know you better. The more we know about your family (including your kids or the family/friends most likely to stay a while), the better we can customize the kitchen storage spaces.

This includes:

  • Ensuring the things you use most are stored in the easiest-access spaces.
  • Thinking about how you use your kitchen (see next) so you have all of the organized cabinet, corner, and drawer spaces you need to work (and store things) efficiently.
  • Taking advantage of cabinet/drawer inserts that utilize every square inch of potential air space and are specifically designed or laid out to store your kitchen items.
  • And more!

3. Design Cabinets That Accommodate Your Kitchen Forte(s)

Are you a serial entertainer? Are you known for a cookie jar or treat cabinet full of fresh-baked goods? Is morning tea/coffee a ritual? How about happy hour?

By taking a very personal approach to new kitchen designs, our design-build team creates kitchens that are visually stunning and meet our client’s evolving needs. For example:

  • Party hosts need kitchens that can accommodate a flow of people (or kids, or pets…) in and out while keeping everyone safe and the snacks and drinks close at hand.
  • Bakers deserve to have a designated space to house their stand mixers, baking pans, and other pastry-specific tools so they don’t have to hunt around for them in the general cookery storage.
  • If you’re a “homemade dinner most nights” kind of household, pots and pans should never be stacked on shelves. They should be easily accessible (no crouching, bending, or lid hunting) so you can pull them off a hook or from their individual (lid included) cabinet space.
  • Those who live for their morning coffee or tea ritual can use customized cabinets to create a designated hot drink station.
  • If you love to finish your day with a favorite cocktail or a glass of wine, we can almost always find a small nook or available space to transform into a little bar with plenty of storage and an array of happy hour glasses/utensils.

Yes, kitchen aesthetics should support a luxurious first impression. However, that streamlined, tidy appearance relies almost 100% on customized cabinetry built to hold (and hide) everything you use to make your kitchen come to life.

Details Construction Group Designs Kitchen Remodels Clients Love

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We’ll help you customize cabinet spaces to take kitchen optimization to the next level. Let’s get started!