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Choosing a Contractor for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project: Top Questions to Ask

When you’re ready to start planning a kitchen remodel, we recommend brushing up on your skills as an interviewer. That’s because you should approach choosing a contractor for a kitchen remodeling project the way you’d hire a key employee.

Hiring a kitchen design-build team means entering into a partnership. Depending on the size and scope of the project, we’ll be “living” in your home during regular business hours from six to twelve weeks.

Interview Questions For Prospective Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

During that time, we’ll be in close communication, and the quality of our relationship matters when it comes to how you experience the process. Therefore, interviewing three to five reputable, local kitchen remodeling firms is well worth the time and energy.

Here are some of the most important questions to ask when you begin the hunt for the best kitchen remodeling contractor in Orlando:

1. Are You Currently Licensed, Insured, and Bonded?

There are plenty of fly-by-night or unlicensed people out there who advertise themselves as legitimate contractors. When you’re trusting thousands – or possibly tens of thousands – of dollars to transform your kitchen space, you want to ensure they’re legitimate.

You can Click Here to verify contractors’ licensing in Florida. Or, contact your local building department and vet them there. We also recommend asking for proof of insurance and bonding, which are added security.

2. Who Are Your Subcontractors/Vendors? And How Long Have You Worked With Them?

Kitchen remodeling companies work as general contractors. They oversee the project and do a significant amount of work – but they also rely on subcontractors and vendors. It’s good to know who they work with, how long those relationships have lasted, etc.

Investigating the subcontractors’ reputations and the relationship’s longevity is another indicator of a company’s integrity and industry reputation.

3. What Is Your Client Communication Policy?

Contractors should always get back in touch with clients within a single business day, if not sooner. That said, there are also boundaries that need to be held on both ends when it comes to communication and responses.

You’re looking for a contractor that provides as much detail as they can upfront about their process, provides you access to their schedules/timelines, and updates you with any changes. They’ll expect you to do the same. That said, contractors must be attentive on the job, so real-time texting/chatting may not always be realistic depending on the workday.

4. Can We See Your Portfolio From the Past Six Months?

Any portfolio or gallery photos you look at should be as recent as possible. Depending on any changes in their workers, subcontractors, vendors, etc., what you see may not be what you get if you’re looking at outdated examples.

5. What Sets You Apart From Other Local Kitchen Remodelers?

We all have our niche or things that set us apart from other contractors in the area. The answer to this question can make a big difference in whether a contractor is right for you or not. Some of us specialize in certain types of kitchen designs; others have relationships with local artisans/craftsmen who make their final remodels more unique, and so on.

6. Can We Contact References From the Past Six Months?

Speaking to other homeowners who’ve used your prospective kitchen remodelers in the past six months is essential! From them, you’ll get customer-centric perspectives about:

  • Whether projects finished on time and within budget (or why they may not have).
  • The contractor’s communication process (does it live up to what the contractor said they do?).
  • The integrity of the contractor and their crews.
  • Did they keep your home life as streamlined as possible during the remodeling experience?
  • Quality of materials, craftsmanship, and attention to finish details.
  • Whether they’d hire the same company again
  • What they wish they would have known at the outset of the project.

Hearing honest feedback from recent clients is one of the best indicators of whether a particular contractor is the right fit for you.

Schedule an “Interview” With Details Construction Group

The team at Details Construction Group knows exactly how important it is for you to choose the best contractor for your kitchen remodeling project.

We’d love to be considered for the job, so please schedule us for an “interview,” and we’ll be happy to answer these and any other questions you might have. And, of course, we’re happy to provide you with recent client references to hear what our customers have to say about us.