Highly Rated on Google
Highly Rated on Google

5 Things We Offer To Ensure You Love Your Bathroom Remodel

Details Construction Group believes every client deserves a stress-free and relatively smooth bathroom renovation experience. Those words, stress-free and smooth, aren’t typically equated with remodels, but they should be.

Yes, unpredictable situations can arise during the process (more on that below). But regardless of what arises, we prioritize customer relationships and quality craftsmanship so you feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

5 Things We Offer To Ensure You Love Your Bathroom Remodel

Here are five things Details Construction Group provides during your bathroom renovation project:

1. Clear Communication And Transparent Processes

One of the things we’re most proud of when reading customer reviews is their positive feedback about our communication and design/build process.

Customer reviews frequently include words and phrases like:

  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Responsive
  • Vision
  • “…the process felt more personal…”
  • Attention to detail

Of course, we want clients to absolutely love their finished product. However, equally important to us is that they feel heard, understood, and supported from start to finish.

We promise that when you work with us, we maintain clear lines of communication and provide clarity around the construction schedule. This ensures you can enjoy the process almost as well as the finished product.

Our clients receive:

  • A combined design/build team that creates continuity from the day we begin brainstorming the design until the bathroom renovation is complete.
  • Attentive responses to phone calls, emails, and texts within a single business day or less.
  • A copy of the projected construction schedule and real-time updates when inevitable changes arise.
  • Immediate notification of any back-ordered materials or unplanned delays.
  • Itemized bills that leave no questions about what they’re paying for.
  • Access to some of greater Orlando’s finest artisans and craftsmen.
  • Design plans that do not exceed your budget (no upselling or talking you into spending more than you have available).

This all converges into a bathroom remodel that meets or exceeds your expectations when we gather together for the final project inspection.

2. Forward-Thinking Design, Vision, and Planning

After multiple decades of collective interior design and construction experience, our team sees things clients may not have thought of – despite their online research and previous remodeling experiences.

This includes things like:

  • Changing the bathroom layout for greater efficiency
    Sometimes bathrooms are designed to make it easy for the original contractors rather than the homeowner’s lifetime experience. When we meet for the first time, we’ll evaluate whether or not the current layout makes sense for your needs and suggest options we feel may work better.It’s not uncommon for us to come up with structural designs and changes – opening up a wall here, shifting the bathroom orientation there – that completely transform the space in ways our customers never imagined.
  • Thinking about timeless bathroom finishes
    Just because we provide minimal-stress bathroom remodels doesn’t mean you’ll want to remodel every few years. Therefore, we’ll talk about timeless bathroom fixtures and finishes that stand the test of years and decades – regardless of transient interior design trends.
  • Accessible features
    Some bathroom design features automatically make bathrooms safer like slip-resistant flooring. However, we always recommend thinking about accessible bathroom design features that allow you to age in place, comfortably accommodate guests who use mobility aids, or increase resale value for empty-nesters or aging homebuyers in the future.

Forward-thinking design vision goes beyond the immediate moment in time, focusing on the bathroom space’s evolution as the years move on.

3. Realistic Projections For Your Bathroom Remodeling Budget

We mentioned that clear communication and process transparency are essential to our company’s mission. That includes creating – and respecting -realistic bathroom remodeling budgets. Creating a realistic bathroom remodeling budget is essential to minimizing stress and angst throughout the process.

We want to know your budget parameters from the outset so our designers know exactly what they’re working with. That includes setting aside at least 10% of the total budget (15% is optimal) for the unknowns and unpredictables (significant contributing stress factors if you’re not prepared for them).

Bathrooms are the wettest rooms in the home, and there’s no telling “what lies beneath.” During the demo phase, we may find things we didn’t expect:

  • Electrical or plumbing work that isn’t up to code
  • Inadequate insulation
  • Latent water leaks
  • Structural damage from existing or former leaks
  • Mold/mildew infestations

Potential surprises also include things like fixture/feature selections requiring rush shipping charges to remain on schedule or increases in materials pricing dictated by the market.

We don’t hide from these possibilities. Instead, we provide honest, frank perspectives on what’s possible – and what may not be – to avoid unpleasant budget surprises.

4. Customized Bathroom Features and Finishes

Not completely satisfied with what you see in the area’s standard bathroom design showrooms? Not to worry! We work with the region’s most talented artisans and craftsmen to create customized pieces whenever necessary.

So, while you’ll have infinite access to luxury custom cabinet design options, we’re just as happy to introduce you to antique collectors who locate a perfect art deco dresser that can be converted into a vanity. Or, you can take advantage of our artisan woodworking partners, who love nothing better than to help us design and build custom pieces that yield your version of a perfect bathroom renovation.

Our longstanding industry connections in and around Orlando mean we can provide custom bathroom design options that other homeowners will never have access to.

5. Exceptional Attention to Detail 

There’s a reason our business is called Details Construction Group. When you do what we do for a living, you can’t help but walk into any built space with a hyper-critical eye. Wherever we are, we notice crooked trim, shoddy finishing details, cabinets/doors out of alignment, sloppy paint work, or uneven tile/grout lines.

This attention to detail is of significant benefit to our clients because we finish their bathroom renovation projects with the same high-level attention to detail we’d apply to our own. Seeing anything left unfinished or not completed to perfection is like hearing a note sung off-key, and we just won’t have it.

We invite you to step into our Digital Portfolio. Scroll in, enhance, and magnify the shots. You’ll see that our exceptional attention to detail yields magazine-worthy bathroom spaces without a single construction flaw.

We’re Eager to Complete Your Dream Bathroom Renovation

Would you like to come at your bathroom renovation project from a completely different perspective? Do you have a clear vision about what you want, but would like to hear input from professionals who can add expert input that can take your bathroom design to the next level?

Details Construction Group would be honored to be part of that process.  Contact us to schedule your initial design consultation. If it feels like the right match, we can’t wait to get to work on your dream bathroom design and renovation.